Witchdoctor – A S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual (1997)

By dreamAdmin • Classic Albums • 24 Jul 2017

More than 10 years later, this album still sounds just as good when played. Even my 12yr old son has become just as mesmerized by the production and lyrical content of this project. It sounds like magic forrest in Atlanta with huge mythical beast that gracefully ride unicorns down back alleys and fly across swamps alike. This project is like church for the ears and healing for the broken souls. I refer to it often when Im in my zone.

A S.W.A.T Healin' Ritual


1 7th Floor/The Serengetti by Cee-Lo and Witchdoctor 5:27
2 Holiday/12 Scanner [Explicit] by Witchdoctor 4:48
3 A.T.L. The Great Big Lick by Mook B. and Witchdoctor 4:11
4 Island Koneelalee by Witchdoctor 3:55
5 Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds) by Cool Breeze and Witchdoctor 3:21
6 Remedy by Ruben Bailey and Witchdoctor 1:35
7 Hurtin’ by Witchdoctor 3:01
8 D.F. by Witchdoctor 0:44
9 Heaven Comin’ by Heroine and Witchdoctor 4:06
10 4 In The Temple by Robert Terrance Barnett & Kevin Burton & Cameron F. Gipp & Witchdoctor 4:56
11 Spells by Witchdoctor 1:43
12 Smooth Shit by Robert Terrance Barnett and Willie Edward Knighton Jr. and Witchdoctor 4:56
13 The Ancient Sahore by Witchdoctor 5:20
14 Dez Only 1 by Big Boi and Dre and Witchdoctor 4:13
15 The Ritual by Witchdoctor 4:25
16 Lil’ Mama’s Gone by Witchdoctor 3:47


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